The Seasons Are Changing

As the fall weather approaches, we find many things change; temperature, colors, clothes, food, etc. A few of my favorite fall accessories would be knee high boots, scarves, and flannels. Although I have been away in Florida for the past two winters, I am excited to participate and all sorts of fall activities (even though I sometimes get discourages by the cold.)  Below are some of my favorite fall looks!



I have actually been obsessed with this hair style lately. Two inside-out braids going down both sides of your head. Below is a link on how to do this yourself! It takes practice but once you get the hang of it you’ll be looking great and more stylish than ever!



How To:

These Fashion Shoes Are A MUST!

The title says it all! These fashion shoes are seriously a MUST! The lace up is so cute and totally trendy. They can be worn with any outfit that you please and come in all different styles, even for different seasons! Get yourself a pair right now at ShopStyle and be the trendiest girl on the streets or even at work.


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