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Instagram: How To

Instagram: How To

Do you find yourself struggling to get the best looking Instagrm feed? If you’re like me, I need everything to look PERFECT. Here are some tips to follow that I use when I post:

  1. Try to maintain a common theme. This can be color, shape, content, etc. Consistency is key!
  2. How often do you post? I know you may think it’s annoying, but posting a lot constantly changes your feed, keeps the gram active, and keeps you followers interested.
  3. Think about your pic before you post. Does it fit your theme? If you love it but it just doesn’t quite go then consider posting it elsewhere. (By no means do you have to have a theme. This is just for those wanting to improve their feed)
  4. Have good quality pictures. People like to look at things that are pleasing to the eye. If your picture is blurry and bad quality, chances are it’s not going to look good on your feed.
  5. Try to stay away from collages. They can be cute at times but will often make you feed more cluttered and messy looking.
  6. Want more likes and followers? The key is to like and follow others. Pick a hashtag that relates to your theme and just scroll and double tap!

I hope these few quick tips help you to get the Instagram feed you crave.

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