Working Out And Eating Right But Still Not Losing Weight

If you are having a similar issue like myself, and feel like no matter what you do or how you do it nothing seems to be working, you’ve come to the right place. I have found myself in this situation many times before as well as right now, and trust me, it gets pretty discouraging. Even when I’m eating right and working out everyday, I can’t seem to kick those calories out of my body. It feels like I’m doing all of this hard work for nothing.

The one thing I have learned the most is that you need to be patient and positive. Nothing happens over night. Losing weight and being happy in your own skin can take time, and usually, longer than you expected. Remember to keep setting small goals for yourself and keep pushing harder and harder each day. Don’t give up so easily and try not to get discouraged. For example, I set the smallest goals for myself all the time, like trying to run a mile without stopping, then once I reach that goal, trying to run two miles without stopping. It doesn’t always happen right away, it takes time and hard work. But its the little things that add to the bigger picture.

Below are a list of a few websites I found with great tips that may help figure out why you aren’t losing weight even with eating right and working out. Below that, are some supportive quotes and motivational pictures to keep you positive and remind you to never give up! (Look at the dates on the last picture) Keep on reaching for your goals!





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